Tami's Tips

The Power of Positivity:

Exercising positivity, kindness, laughter, love and empathy can be your key to success

Having a positive attitude is more than just underrated.  It can be your sole key to living a joyful and successful life.  We have all experienced challenges in our lives-difficult times that test us and our daily resolve.  I am certain, if you were to briefly reflect on some of those times, you will be reminded of a supportive person, a sympathetic ear or kind gesture that somehow touched you and made you feel that you were not alone.  Moreover, perhaps it brought you out of the pity party that we have all partaken in when faced with tribulation and spurred you into the winner’s circle.

Being kind is free and freeing.  Try it!  Compliment the next person you see and you will experience the joy in others exponentially when paying them a compliment.  What’s more, is that person will likely pay that compliment forward and the ripple effect will have begun.

In a world inundated with the constant news feed of routine acts of ugliness, doesn’t it just make sense to fight back with the enemy of all that is evil?  Positivity, kindness, laughter, love and empathy are our way of taking this world back one kind word, one positive person and one act of love at a time.

Take the Tami Challenge!  For the next 21 days (it takes 21 days to form a habit), reject the temptation to post, repost, share and/or lament about anything negative.  Instead of calling attention to something that happened that you didn’t like, find something that you did like and talk about it!  Exercise positivity, random acts of kindness, daily laughter, loving words and empathetic ears.  Help me reclaim this world by creating our own movement of love, kindness, positivity and teamwork!